On The Gibran Sculpture Trail

Visitors to Boston's Copley Square spend time admiring the Gibran Kahlil Gibran Monument. The bronze bas relief of the poet as a young man sits on a pink granite slab between two great landmarks, Trinity Church and the main branch of the Boston Public Library;The sculptor is also named Kahlil Gibran,godson and biographer of his famous cousin.

Gibran's sculptures trail throughout several Boston neighborhoods. In the South End's Hayes Park, is Gibran's West Canton Street Child.
A bronze bas-relief of Amy Beach can be viewed at the composer's Commonwealth Avenue residence. For a decade, the sculptor made the annual Elliot Norton medal now displayed in Tremont Street's Wilbur Theater.

At the Federal Court House, three Gibran portraits represent Boston's multi-cultural justice system: Judge Francis Ford an Irish-American; Austen Jones, the first African-American clerk of a Boston Court: and the Italian-American Judge Anthony Julian. At the Forsythe Dental Clinic is Gibran's bronze mural of philanthropist Austin Smith. Holdings at The Boston Museum of fine Arts include Gibran's head of the Irish dramatist Brendan Behan.

On one of Jamaica Plain's highest hills at the Maronite Church of Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon is Gibran's ten-foot statue of Our Lady of the Cedars. Another Gibran plaque of Richard Cardinal Cushing welcomes visitors to the parish hall. A reflective bronze bust of Gibran the Poet by Gibran the Sculptor graces the Worcester State College Library.

Beyond Massachusetts, five decades of Gibran paintings, drawings and sculpture enhance major private and museum collections. His latest addition to West Coast art is a six-foot Processional Cross, hand wrought and studded with blue gems, commissioned and completed in 1993 for San Diego's all Souls' Episcopal Church.

Gibran's recognition's include:

Popular Award and Grand Prize at the Boston Arts Festival
George Widener Award from Pennsylvania Academy
Two John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships
National Institute of Arts and Letters Award
John Gregory Award from the National Sculpture Society
Gold Medal from the International Exhibit in Trieste, Italy
Massachusetts Horticultural Society citation

During the past decade, Gibran had had one person shows in Massachusetts, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Virginia. Ceres, a group of nude figures, adorned in straw hats and carrying sheaves of wheat, opened during Gibran's 1995 one person show at the Copley Society of Boston. Recently, Gibran 's bas reliefs Dreams and Shadows have enjoyed significant coverage. First exhibited at the Copley Society of Boston during the summer of 1996, the bronzes were invited to Contemporary Sculpture, Chesterwood 1997. A commissioned sculpture of oversized hands was shown along with several of two life size figures, that debuted in a Master exhibit at Boston's Copley Society in March 1999. This documentation of transitions represents a major statement from an artist who has observed and recorded his times for sixty years.